About Safe Citizen.Org

SAFE CITIZEN.ORG is an endeavor of a group of citizen who are intensely concerned about the increasing challenge to human safety, security and dignity. “Safety is your right”!! Safe citizen is emerged with a mission to offer a dedicated global platform to every citizen around the world and promote the “culture of safety”.

Safe Citizen invites each of you to join this platform to disseminate, discuss and debate views, news and knowledge on issues of risk, development, policy and governance that impact your safety and well being.

We confidently believe in progressive spirit, neutrality and knowledge sharing are the fundamental principles that bring us together in this platform. Through this platform, you are encouraged to promote culture of safety as “Safety is your responsibility”!!

Who we are:

about-whoWe are women and men with a mix of youthful energy and wisdom of experience from different parts of India and in other countries, who share common vision of seeing development that takes care of disaster risk reduction and is in harmony with nature. We are the citizen of the universe who shares common concern and mission for promoting a culture of safety and creating a safer world.

We aspire to create a global platform for citizen safety, promote a “culture of safety” encourage citizen’s participation in disaster risk reduction initiatives, sensitize communities and institutions in gender inclusive and risk sensitive development planning through collective action.

What we aim:

about-whatWe undertake various research studies, knowledge, policy, capacity and action based programs for strengthening humanitarian response, disaster risk reduction, gender inclusive and risk sensitive development and community resilience to various character of natural, conflict and complex emergency situations.

We strongly promote a culture of safety among citizen by creating awareness about multiple climatic risks, adaptation strategies, prevention strategies, rights and duties towards safety and safe conduct.

We aim to create dedicated cadre of skilled and voluntary human resources to be able to provide well informed, well trained and better prepared crisis management, crisis response and crisis recovery activities.

What we do:

We are currently active through social media. Our discussion groups in the social media draw thousands of safety enthusiasts who share exchange knowledge, perspectives and concerns on risk, safety, development and related issues. Through this web site, we shall promote risk alertness, campaign for improved community understanding and awareness on appropriate policy, practices, and advocacy for safety and the related risk management. We developed in house capacities to conduct mass awareness campaign, workshops, seminars, trainings and capacity building program, safety education, cadre development, humanitarian response, and knowledge management both with private and public sectors.

We also developed resources to conduct training, monitoring and evaluation, development research, facilitating dialog and discussions, consultation, advice and technical “know how”. We aim to provide assistance to government departments, academic institutions, international-national non-profit making organizations including united nation agencies and corporate sectors in their efforts for safety management and social responsibilities.